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Tonia Snowden Releases A Powerful New Book on Faith and Hope

The Journey to Find Me Is All About Understanding Positive Things In Life

Tonia Book Cover
August 15, 2017: Tonia Snowden believes that all people in the world have power and that they can do anything if they follow their faiths. Her newest book The Journey to Find Me is a story about understanding what it truly takes to find some kind of meaning and support that one can utilize in life. The book is an uplifting story about what can be done to bring happiness into one’s life even when everything is going wrong.

Snowden’s newest book is about a cross-country drive along the United States after having lost all of one’s money, having one’s identity stolen and not being able to find a job. The story is about driving along as a means of figuring out one’s identity and understanding what it takes for a person to be successful and to grow and thrive. It is especially about understanding what can be done in order to be a better person who has more control over one’s life.

Tonia Snowden has written this to get a better understanding of how faith works and what makes it a helpful for life. It is about understanding the power that all people have and what they can do in order to make it more functional and helpful.

The story is about dreams and visions and about how prayers can be answered when enough effort is put into one’s life. The journey especially delves into understanding how different hopes and visions can come true in a number of ways. It is impressive to see how well the information highlighted in this guide works and how anyone can have a better life in general when enough support is put into play.

It is especially about perseverance. The Journey to Find Me focuses on what one can do in order to be strong and more powerful in one’s mind and body. It is especially about knowing how to make the most out of life in general while being positive.

The Journey to Find Me is available for sale now here: Tonia Snowden can also be reached by her Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channels, all of which are under the name @creatmanifest.

Media Contact

Name: Tonia Snowden

Phone: 415-745-1599


Ann Booher Vanhoy Launches New Cook Book Of Rich Southern Recipes

momma-jeans-hand-me-down-southern-recipesSummary: Ann Booher Vanhoy announces the launch of her cookbook, published by Prime Time Marketing, Bristol. Virginia. The title of the book is “Momma Jean’s Hand Me Down Southern Recipes – Recipes From A Born And Bred Southern Cook”. The recipes in her book are delicious as well as suits people of all age groups. It will be available on Amazon on 14th October, 2016.

Oct 13, 2016: Ann Booher Vanhoy, a southern cook, is all set to announce the launch of her new cookbook. The title of the book is “Momma Jean’s Hand Me down Southern Recipes: Recipes from a Born and Bred Southern Cook “and is published by Prime Time Marketing Bristol, VA. It inherits the recipes from her Grandmother and mother and touches the roots and style of Southern Cooking. With her background and experience, the recipes by her are expected to be mouth-watering as well as likable by people of all age groups in all walks of life. The recipes in her book can be cooked using the items available at home without visiting expensive specialty stores.

When contacted, she said, “I was raised in the south. We were taught respect for our elders, manners, and love of God and country. I expressed an interest in cooking from an early age so my mother allowed me to “help” her in the kitchen” She further added, “I dedicate this cookbook to my amazing mother and give thanks to God for allowing me to have my beloved family for as long as I did”

The book is an indispensable guide to home cook and includes delicious recipes as well as some stories of her experience. This unique collection of southern recipes can be great gift for Christmas for anyone who loves to cook. It will be available on 14th October and to try out her amazing recipes, please visit


Ann Booher Vanhoy, born in 50s, comes from a very loving and caring family. She was raised in south with lot of affection. With her Grandmother being Chief Biscuit Makers and mom being the best cook, Ann got her inspiration by helping her mother in the kitchen. She inherited all the recipes from them and wrote them down with more recipes that she created herself. She dedicates this book to her family, her father who was hero in World War 2, her brother and her grandmother & mother as a tribute to them for showering all the love and all the blessings.

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How to Quit Your Day Job This Year

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And most of these products promise some kind of a “pushbutton” instant solution to making money online.

Now let me ask you a question: how many of these ebooks do you have sitting on your hard drive?

You see, it’s been shown that less than 10% of people read past the first chapter of a book after they purchase it from a bookstore.

The same can be said for ANY information product. Most people just buy it so they “Feel good” about themselves…that they’re actually DOING something about making money online.

When in reality, these ebooks and courses just sit on their hard drive collecting “digital dust”.

If this sounds like you, it may not be your fault.

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How to Quit Your Day Job

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How to Quit Your Day Job

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Solomon Wealth Formula Episode 3 @mrkellycole

Solomon Wealth Formula Episode 3 @mrkellycole

Solomon Wealth Formula Episode 3 – Make Sure U Download Your Free Audio Training at

March 12, 2014 I’m releasing My Brand New Book “Solomon Wealth Formula” 7 Principles To Activating The Wealth Of Solomon In Your Life

Now Last 2 Weeks I shared with you the first 5 Principles Of The Solomon Wealth Formula, which were:

Principle 1– Rule as the King: Realize that God has made you King of your household, And It’s Your Job As King To Rule! (V 1)
Principle 2 — Command: Realize you have the authority to command as King for things to be done as you commanded. (V 7)
Principle 3 — Name your income streams
Principle 4 — Dominate: God gave us dominion over the earth, you are to dominate it!
Principle 5 — Release: It’s time to release what God has put inside you so it can produce Income for u, that you lack nothing!

This week I’m gonna share the last 2 Principles, which are:

Principle 6 –  Live Abundantly: Live the life God called you to live, Abundantly, don’t be afraid of what people say about you living the abundant life, LIVE IT! (V 26)

Principle 7 — Receive: Receive the increase God has commanded over your life, get comfortable receiving.

Now of-course in the book I go into a lot greater detail on the principles, plus I give u step by step instructions on what to do & how to do it

Now Next Wed. March 12 Is The Day! I need everyone to order The Book Solomon Wealth Formula @12pm est at

Just to thank you for ordering at 12pm, I going to give you some Amazing Surprise Bonus gifts valued at over $300.

Make Sure U Download Your Free Audio Training at

The Solomon Wealth Formula is a word the Lord gave me while studying my Sunday school lesson to teach my class. I wanted to share some type of inspiration with my students that would motivate them to do something different in the New Year. I wanted them to actually look at their lives and ask themselves, I’m I really living the abundant life God said I could live?

If they answered no to that question, I then asked them why not? Have you buried your talent, have you dismissed your gift God has given you?

While searching my spirit and the word of God for the answer and or a solution I could share with them the Lord dropped in my spirit Solomon. The scripture that came to mind was 1 Kings 4:34.

The reason that scripture came to me was I remembered that all the people that came to hear Solomon’s wisdom, they didn’t come empty handed they brought him a gift of some kind. Now let’s relate that to today’s time. The people paid Solomon to consult them on what they needed help with or what they needed an understanding about.

So I wrote down to share with my class that one of Solomon’s income streams was he did consulting!

So I completed my notes and thought I had my lesson together, I would just ask them what specialized knowledge they had, then enlighten them on the fact that they could charge people to consult them. Just as I was about to close my bible the Lord said read the whole chapter of 1 Kings 4, the Lord showed me in 1 Kings 4 exactly what Solomon did to create his great wealth, how he did and how I could apply the same wealth principles to my life.