Tonia Snowden Releases A Powerful New Book on Faith and Hope

The Journey to Find Me Is All About Understanding Positive Things In Life

Tonia Book Cover
August 15, 2017: Tonia Snowden believes that all people in the world have power and that they can do anything if they follow their faiths. Her newest book The Journey to Find Me is a story about understanding what it truly takes to find some kind of meaning and support that one can utilize in life. The book is an uplifting story about what can be done to bring happiness into one’s life even when everything is going wrong.

Snowden’s newest book is about a cross-country drive along the United States after having lost all of one’s money, having one’s identity stolen and not being able to find a job. The story is about driving along as a means of figuring out one’s identity and understanding what it takes for a person to be successful and to grow and thrive. It is especially about understanding what can be done in order to be a better person who has more control over one’s life.

Tonia Snowden has written this to get a better understanding of how faith works and what makes it a helpful for life. It is about understanding the power that all people have and what they can do in order to make it more functional and helpful.

The story is about dreams and visions and about how prayers can be answered when enough effort is put into one’s life. The journey especially delves into understanding how different hopes and visions can come true in a number of ways. It is impressive to see how well the information highlighted in this guide works and how anyone can have a better life in general when enough support is put into play.

It is especially about perseverance. The Journey to Find Me focuses on what one can do in order to be strong and more powerful in one’s mind and body. It is especially about knowing how to make the most out of life in general while being positive.

The Journey to Find Me is available for sale now here: Tonia Snowden can also be reached by her Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channels, all of which are under the name @creatmanifest.

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