Ann Booher Vanhoy Launches New Cook Book Of Rich Southern Recipes

momma-jeans-hand-me-down-southern-recipesSummary: Ann Booher Vanhoy announces the launch of her cookbook, published by Prime Time Marketing, Bristol. Virginia. The title of the book is “Momma Jean’s Hand Me Down Southern Recipes – Recipes From A Born And Bred Southern Cook”. The recipes in her book are delicious as well as suits people of all age groups. It will be available on Amazon on 14th October, 2016.

Oct 13, 2016: Ann Booher Vanhoy, a southern cook, is all set to announce the launch of her new cookbook. The title of the book is “Momma Jean’s Hand Me down Southern Recipes: Recipes from a Born and Bred Southern Cook “and is published by Prime Time Marketing Bristol, VA. It inherits the recipes from her Grandmother and mother and touches the roots and style of Southern Cooking. With her background and experience, the recipes by her are expected to be mouth-watering as well as likable by people of all age groups in all walks of life. The recipes in her book can be cooked using the items available at home without visiting expensive specialty stores.

When contacted, she said, “I was raised in the south. We were taught respect for our elders, manners, and love of God and country. I expressed an interest in cooking from an early age so my mother allowed me to “help” her in the kitchen” She further added, “I dedicate this cookbook to my amazing mother and give thanks to God for allowing me to have my beloved family for as long as I did”

The book is an indispensable guide to home cook and includes delicious recipes as well as some stories of her experience. This unique collection of southern recipes can be great gift for Christmas for anyone who loves to cook. It will be available on 14th October and to try out her amazing recipes, please visit


Ann Booher Vanhoy, born in 50s, comes from a very loving and caring family. She was raised in south with lot of affection. With her Grandmother being Chief Biscuit Makers and mom being the best cook, Ann got her inspiration by helping her mother in the kitchen. She inherited all the recipes from them and wrote them down with more recipes that she created herself. She dedicates this book to her family, her father who was hero in World War 2, her brother and her grandmother & mother as a tribute to them for showering all the love and all the blessings.

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Book About ABC Shark Tank “Conversations With Sharks” Hit #1 On Amazon’s Best Sellers List

Bristol, VA June 26, 2012 – Conversations with Sharks has been coined the book for entrepreneurs. The book’s author Kelly Cole got inspired to write the book after watching the first episode and realized he had filled up a whole note book with business nuggets and negotiation tactics. He then decided it would be a great idea to write a book and to also interview the Sharks. He then began to reach out to the sharks and ended up interviewing two of them, Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John.

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