How to Brand Yourself Online Through Social Media

The first step in personal branding is purchase your own domain, which should  be your own name as a .com; for example Once you have invested in  your domain, I recommend you get hosting and install a WordPress blog onto it.  Now the place I recommend you get your domain and hosting is I  recommend them for two reasons; number one is they have great prices and awesome  customer service. Plus they have an amazing feature that allows you to click one  button and install a WordPress blog.

Now once your blog is installed, this is where the branding begins. You want  to start blogging about your expertise. For example if you are a real estate  investor you want to begin writing articles about real estate. The articles can  be your special tips, tricks and ideas you use to get clients, close deals and  how to find property. The key is to stick to your topic of expertise, don’t blog  about your cat or your kids on this blog; you can get another blog for that.  This blog is what’s going to set you apart from all the other experts in your  niche topic.

The next step would be to join the business social network linked-in. If you  are serious about your career and your brand; you are on LinkedIn. The old  principle still remains true it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know.  LinkedIn will definitely connect you with the people you need to know. And it  will also get you the must needed recognition as an authority / expert in your  niche. Before you know it people will begin to read your articles on your blog,  comment on them, and begin to ask you questions. LinkedIn can also help you get  speaking engagements which will generate some extra income for you. Be sure and  link your blog to LinkedIn, so they update each other on autopilot.

The next thing you want to do is develop a system, a daily routine of stuff  you do to market and brand yourself online. Here is what I would do, start with  writing an article; upload it to your blog and to free article directories like Then take the article and turn it into a video and blast it  out, then take the audio from the video and create a podcast episode and upload  it to iTunes. After each step let the people who follow you on Twitter and  Facebook know what you have done. For example you could write something like,  Check out this new video I uploaded about “Branding yourself online through  social media” and simply put the link for them to check it out. It’s that  simple!

I promise, if you follow the steps laid out for you in the article you will  be a superstar in your niche of expertise in no time!

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